Our PAS 2035 Retrofit Coordinators

Congratulations to our Architects Ruth Roger and Christine Stewart who have recently become PAS 2035 Retrofit Coordinators. Earlier this year they completed the The Retrofit Academy CIC’s Level 5 Diploma in Retrofit Coordination and Risk Management, supported by Built Environment – Smarter Transformation, and are now accredited by @Elmhurst Energy to lead retrofit projects through the PAS 2035 process.

So what is PAS 2035?

We all know it’s more important than ever to consider retrofit over demolition, but retrofit is complex, and can be hard to get right. PAS 2035 is a standard which outlines the necessary benchmarks for domestic retrofit. Using the PAS 2035 structure ensures that your retrofit project meets the standards you set, and avoids materials degradation and condensation or mould growth issues. This extends the life of your building and lowers the maintenance cost for the years to come.

And why do you need a Retrofit Coordinator on your project?

The role of the Retrofit Coordinator is key to delivering a high-quality retrofit. Retrofit Coordinators are responsible for facilitating, managing and delivering retrofit work to high standards using the PAS 2035 standard process, and are mandatory on all domestic government-funded retrofit projects under TrustMark (the recognised Quality Mark for the energy efficiency sector). Our team are ready to meet the challenge.