This is not another article about Net Zero

Our Associate Jarek Gasiorek’s The Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland Practice Note SC228 ‘This is not another article about Net Zero’ released this week provides an accessible overview of the current net zero context, targets and guidance and crucially, what we need to do with it.

‘The complexity of the field; the sheer volume of information out there, along with there being not enough time to absorb it; a lack of climate literacy; misused terminology; and misleading marketing; all combine to create a challenging situation. This is not encouraging for the individual, whether they are designers, project managers or clients; to embrace the subject of sustainable design in a meaningful way.’

We are proud to be working with ambitious clients, who are leading the way, aiming for targets that go above current national Scottish guidance to deliver the best possible solutions for tenants and the public. Earlier this year we created the Midlothian Council Net Zero Housing Design Guide as a workable strategy, a road map to net zero, based on local and national policies and specialist industry guidance.

‘The three years following the announcement of climate emergency in 2019 was a time of intense learning, researching, writing, and reading. If we hope to meet the net zero targets in time, now is the time of action. We believe that the release of the Midlothian Council Net Zero Housing Design Guide will lead to exactly that.’