Designing Places for an Ageing Population

w5-image-for-ageing-population-report-news-articleSSM and Heriot Watt University were jointly commissioned to carry out research titled Designing Places for an Ageing Population  for the Scottish Government.

Eugene Mullan collaborated with Ryan Woolrych, Associate Professor in Health and Well-being, of Heriot Watt University and compiled a research report on the design of cities, towns, neighbourhoods and streets in Scotland for an ageing population.

The report identifies the emerging needs and best practice approaches to design and how physical environments can respond better to many wide-ranging and interlinked issues around ageing and demographics. These include health and wellbeing, disability, mobility, access, social integration, affordability and the need for care.

Taking a strategic perspective on the opportunities which exist in terms of policy, process and place and potential implications, a number of key findings were identified.