CIH Conference 18 May 2016

“Getting Housing Right for Older People” now there’s a challenge which is hard to resist! The Chartered Institute of Housing Conference on the topic provided a great opportunity for government officials, older people, housing providers, academics and professionals to consider and discuss the topic. Eugene Mullan contributed to two of the sessions.

Fortune Place in Edinburgh is a recently completed housing for older people incorporating design solutions for people with dementia and thereby enabling the residents to live independently for longer. In a joint workshop with Castlerock Edinvar they explained the complicated dynamic of land assembly, development, mixed funding streams, design solutions and ongoing proactive support for residents that has created a very popular and award winning place for older people to live.

His second presentation was on recent research for the Scottish Government on Designing Places for an Ageing Population carried out with Heriot Watt University. The presentation covered key outcomes such as the positive promotion of old age, the requirement for the solutions to be addressed across all areas of government policy and co-production of local neighbourhoods with older people as part of effective Placemaking in the broadest sense.

The conference discussion covered a wide range of housing topics including the benefits the Men Shed, renamed by some as the He She Shed and the even more politically correct Transgender Shed!